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AllMatters - OrganiWipes

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Introducing the AllMatters biodegradable, perfume-free, organic cotton wipes – a must-have for menstrual cup care. Perfect for on-the-go moments without access to water and for post-period cleaning when you're on the move. To uphold true sustainability, it’s advised to reserve these wipes for occasional use.

Why Choose AllMatters? 

🌱 Established in 2012 as OrganiCup, dedicated to advancing sustainable, reusable period solutions. 

🌱 Proudly endorsed by The Vegan Society, reflecting their commitment to cruelty-free products. 

🌱 AllergyCertified - Rest assured, their wipes are allergen-free.

How to use: Gently cleanse your menstrual cup using a wipe and ensure it's completely dry before reinsertion. Don't forget to wash your hands too.

Proper Disposal: AllMatters wipes are crafted from biodegradable cotton. However, please note that the individual wrapping isn't biodegradable, due to a thin layer of aluminium preserving the disinfectant in the wipe.

For the optimum menstrual cup care routine, don't forget to have your AllMatters Menstrual Cup Wash at home too!

Ingredients Insight: Each package contains 10 wipes with an 85% alcohol and 15% water blend.

Intimate Use: Caution Please refrain from using these wipes as intimate wipes, as they contain alcohol and aren't suitable for such purposes.

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