About us

Our Founder

Hi there!

I am so grateful to you for taking the time to explore Selene & Gaia. I must also say congratulations on being a step closer to having a carefree cycle. Even if you are here for just a little soothing self-care, I’m so glad to have you here.

To find out a little more about myself and the creation of Selene & Gaia, head over to our blog post titled ‘Our Story’.

Love, Amy x 

Our Ethos

To provide an educational, calm, safe place where all who menstruate feel welcome. Say goodbye to decision fatigue and hidden nasties, as we hand select and supply what we believe to be some of the best eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan (where possible) menstrual and wellness care products. We work with an array of small business and seek out suppliers who donate to charitable causes. Find out
more about our ethos in our blog post titled ‘Our Story’.