Selene & Gaia

All of our products have been carefully curated into three categories: Menstrual Care, Wellness Care and Symptom Care. If you’re not sure which to choose, or just want to be inspired or surprised, then shop ‘All’ to see our full range.

Menstrual Care

Care for that time of the month. All organic and free of nasties. From eco-friendly tampons to re-usable menstrual cups, you’ll find all that you need here.

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Wellness Care

Care for when you are feeling a little bit meh. Natural products selected to help soothe anxiety or fulfil your cravings, from relaxing bath salts to melt-in-your-mouth organic chocolate.

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Symptom Care

Care for when your body may not be your best friend. Shop a variety of products designed to address a variety of symptoms, such as lavender & wheat heat/cool packs for headaches and cramps, or homemade detoxifying face masks for hormonal breakouts.

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