Our Story: Who, What, When and Why?

Our Story: Who, What, When and Why?

Walking down an impersonal supermarket aisle labelled ‘feminine care’ and ‘sanitary protection’, I am overwhelmed with the amount of products staring back at me. What do I need and which brand should I chose? A sea of plastic covered items with unflattering terms such as ‘sanitary’, ‘hygiene’, ‘super’ and ‘heavy flow’ slapped all over them; carelessly placed next to unrelated products. I pick up quickly what I believe I need and shove it deep into my basket.

Such issues have left myself and many others feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable when discussing and shopping for essential products. Not only on a personal level, but from frequent discussions with friends and family, I know how difficult managing the menstrual cycle and its sometimes crippling symptoms can be.

Despite being a natural process, experienced by around 15 million people in the UK alone, menstruation is still sadly viewed by many as taboo, and several menstrual products reflect this. Striving for change, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

My name is Amy, and I am the founder of Selene & Gaia. The brand’s name combine’s the names of two Greek goddesses; Selene goddess of the moon and Gaia, goddess of the earth (also known as Mother Nature). For centuries there have been beliefs that the menstrual cycle is synchronous with the moon’s cycle as both last around a month. In fact, the term menstruation comes from the Latin word ‘menses’ which means month and the Greek word ‘ mene’ which means moon. Mother Nature has also been used as a term to refer to menstruation. She brings life, and nurtures nature by embodying it. At Selene & Gaia, we pride ourselves on supporting our planet by working with businesses who plant trees with orders, supplying a range of eco-friendly, biodegradable products, and using recyclable packaging. 

Ultimately, my vision was to create a brand that brought together both menstrual and wellness care; understanding that both are necessary to feel in control of one’s cycle. I believe we are achieving this with the following principals at the heart of the brand:

  1. To provide eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan (where possible) products that support you throughout your whole cycle. This includes being completely transparent on disclosing ingredients, seeking to select those with no hidden nasties. Not only for when you bleed, but for all of the symptoms that come with it, even if you just need some general TLC.
  2. As well as ensuring high standards across all of our products, brands will be kept to a minimum. We don't want our customers to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to buy, so we provide only what we believe to be the best of what's available. All of the items that we stock are extensively trialled by us to ensure confidence in our customers that every purchase comes tested and recommended.
  3. To provide a safe place where all who menstruate feel welcome. We are non-discriminatory and strive to ensure our brand reflects that. 
  4. To seek out and work with suppliers who donate to charitable causes via their sales or revenue.
  5. To help break down the stigmas that surround menstruation by normalising and talking about it more, in an approachable and educational way. 

Furthermore, we will be consistently seeking feedback and recommendations from our valued community, so if you would like to see any additions to our product range we’d love to hear it!  This is all about you and your needs, after all.

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